Revisiting Blur Reduction

I have written in the past regarding the advertising of LCD , LED and Edge Lit Panel TV’s which in their written advertisements talk about the feature “Blur Reduction”. I have said in the past this is akin to car manufactures advertising “Stall Reduction”. There is no “stall” feature in the auto business and there should not be a “Blur Reduction” feature in today’s televisions.
I write often in my news articles about the crazy things that are going on in this industry which are so far off center that it is unconscionable.
I have written many times that going to a store and looking at televisions is like going to a Chevy lot and looking to buy a new Ford. The Ford on the lot will be dirty and maladjusted just as the TV’s which they do not want to sell as bad- because of manufacturers’ specials and or spiffs to salespeople..
As much as I have recommended Costco for a lot of people to purchase their TV’s from, I must say that to find someone in there who knows anything concrete about TV’s and what makes one actually better that the next is… well let’s say the chance of this happening is remote.
Here is another problem with going to the store to look at TV’s. Almost all stores today run an “in house” video loop on their screens to advertise their store and attempt to show the benefits they might offer. Here is the problem, the video you will see is always well illuminated and the camera will be either still or moving very slowly to minimize the effect of blur on the LCD, LED and edge lit televisions, making them look better than they actually are.
Also, the manufacturers of these sets have a “store” setting which turns up the screen brightness and contrast to a completely fake looking over driven picture which to the untrained eye looks impressive. Bright, over driven pictures are not high quality, looking at a light bulb is not a pleasant experience.
Now LCD and these style sets do have their place. In a room which has extreme sun infiltration or outdoors, they are preferable.
If you want help buying a new TV and are confused by all the advertising, give me a call tell me what you are thinking of and I will make a recommendation for you; how to get the best price on it and where. Or I will sell it to you for a fair price deliver and install.Panasonic is the world’s most reliable brand and is the brand that virtually all people in the business have in their own homes. Their plasma TV’s are not only among the very best in picture quality but their reliability is well documented by me personally and by Consumer Reports who has them number 1 in reliability.

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