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The installations pictured are just a few of the hundreds I have done here in the Phoenix area. Sony Denon Yamaha Onkyo are a few of the Brand names of Surround Sound equipment, JBL, KEF, B&W, NXG, Pinnacle, Klipsch are a few on my favorite speakers. Sony LCD & LED, Panasonic Plasma, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Sharp and Sanyo are some of our favorite TV’s, monitors and or displays. JBL, Crown, Yamaha and Shure are a few of the pro sound professional equipment brands. I have done Football, Baseball, Auditoriums, Quad, Conference rooms, Meeting rooms, Churches, Houses of Worship, Synagogues and Bars integrated with jukebox.

I am a custom steel fabricator and can build and hang almost anything to most anywhere. We are experts at hiding wires and wiring in walls and will cut out drywall or sheet rock to accomplish this for custom installs. I am a Low Voltage Contractor K-67 without one complaint against my Business. Please check the Arizona Contractors web site for your own satisfaction. My license is #202132

Thank you for looking and remember there is no charge to call up and ask questions regarding your system and or needs.

Larry James
James Electronics LLC

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