More on 4K and Curved screen

Having installed a few of the new 4k televisions, I can report that buying one today is putting the cart clearly ahead of the beast, or simply- not a good idea.

The 75 inch Samsung UN75HU8550, which costs over $5,000, is a recent product which I have installed. Yes…it looks impressive on still frames and on slow moving camera items. But when things start to move fast, it has all the same problems that LED-based TV has had since…well…forever.

Also, I could not make the 75 inch Samsung sign onto any wireless service. It seems to have a problem…
I also have installed the new 65 inch curved screen Samsung UN65HU7200AF . It is not as deep overall as I thought and the total depth of the unit at about 5-6 inches makes it similar in depth to the original flat screen televisions. It has a very reflective screen. And the only place there is not a reflection is dead center on the screen’s curve, about 10 feet away, or in the radius of curve.

Both of these “new technologies” are ahead of their time or, better said, not ready for consumer use.
I go back to when HD TV was first introduced about 20 years ago. It took a full 10 years for the content to be available on even half of the services or channels. And even today, probably only about 60% of the content you see on cable TV is actually HD.

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