LCD, LED and Edge Lit Panel TV

Let’s talk about LCD, LED and Edge Lit Panel TV. As you may know today’s HD televisions are not perfect. In fact if you look at most of the new sets on the market, the greatest portion being from the aforementioned grouping, here is what they are talking about:
Blur Reduction: Yes you heard me correct, what the manufacturers are doing to reduce the amount of blur, i.e. out of focus content which will be presented to you the watcher.
I am a fairly large fan of Consumer Reports magazine and their ability to tell it like it is. So please do not take my word for this, study up, read what CR magazine wrote once again about these televisions.
Here is the problem. They use the higher rates of scanning as a method to pretend they are fixing this most annoying problem. Problem is that by asking the electronics of the TV to re-evaluate the picture this many times only leads to more blur not less. But what the heck, if it has a bigger number it is better right? Also looking at TV’s in the showroom is a real crap shoot. Most Video being shown is made to avoid these problems, and the mis-adjustments which can be made to any set to either make it look extra bright or dull is simply misleading. So look at TV in the stores with great caution, what looks best at first may be the worst of the litter.
This is not a new problem. In the early days of 1080p LCD televisions, just about the time they started to build really quite good sets with very little problems with motion this is when the manufactures get into a number war and want to print on the box all of these fascinating numbers in multiples of 60. I am here to tell you that when 1080p first came out the very nice Sony LCD TV’s turned to junk and so did Samsungs and the other big player sets as well. Then they learned how to build 1080p LCD sets which worked quite well back about 2-3 years ago. Next came LED and Edge Lite and 240hz and so on.. sets we currently have on the market. I have yet to see one I would want in my home, yet I am putting them up for people on a daily basis. Turn on ESPN and wait for the blur… it only takes a few seconds, up comes the sports clip and what happened? Did a fog enter the room and obscure my vision? Or does this TV just simply crap out when it comes to quick motion? This is not limited to sports; any and all fast action suffers. I would like to say this is only a problem on a couple sets. However the truth be told it is every manufacturers’ sets, yes some are better that others. Apparently their Blur Reduction works indeed better.
Read CR between the lines and they will tell you the same thing. If you are buying a new TV to see the best Focus, proper screen brightness and color, and gray scale/ deep blacks, buy a Plasma.

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