Digital, Digital, Digital

This word digital which is used as an illusion to quality, is really starting to get to me.

Here are a few examples:

Digital Audio- Sound which has no depth and in its worst form no bass, warmth or presence. It’s an impossibility, as sound can only be heard analog.

Digital Video- Not as blinding to the eyes as the sound is to the ears. Digital video on the front side is really quite excellent- where it fails is in all the LCD/LED televisions with their completely hopeless picture quality.  It’s also impossible, as video is interpreted in your eyes and brain more like analog than digital.

I-pods/ I-phone/ – I sound terrible.

Android/ Windows – Sounds just as bad

Digital Streaming- You can make that Plasma look almost as bad as a LED

Digital Storage- Can’t live without..

Digital Photos- A very excellent medium.  Why? Because they are still frames.

Digital Video- Also a very excellent medium when used correctly i.e. proper storage and processors for the job. However, a video which looks good on an I-phone will not look good on that 50 inch.

I know I am going on about this. But it bothers me that the general public who thinks they care about 1080p video cannot resolve 100p during motion thanks to the products that the industry provides us with. After all watching TV is about still frames?

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