4K Today!

The new hot topic is 4K, in round terms the actual pixel count is 3840 (4K) X 2160 or roughly 16 X 9 represented as a pixel count for horizontal and vertical.

What strikes me as really interesting is that if you have read any of my prior pages you know that I am not happy with the picture quality on most current TV’s. There is terrible motion artifact along with simple blur on almost all LED based televisions. In fact, I have not witnessed an LED based set yet that does not have a extremely soft picture unless the camera is not moving. This is great if you use your TV for static (stationary) pictures.

So at a time when they should have perfected flat screens (LED) in particular, they want to start talking numbers again, as if there will be an improvement in the end result. There will be no content at 4k for years. And, while they are busy working on this system which will take 4 times as much processing- at minimum, and the fact is they can not process the content well, now at 1080-, well all of this is ridiculous. The public is being sold on a new system which will not perform.

I am at a loss as to how and why- the picture quality of LED based TV’s can even be considered as high definition. We had better pictures 10 years ago from 720p based plasmas than the new 1080p LED based sets will ever give you. It is not by mistake that all the top TV’s listed in Consumer Reports are Plasma TV. With the highest ratings in a point scale of 81, the top rated LED sets come in at 74 and when I see the pictures (which I do every single day) of these so called high definition LED pictures on my clients’ TV’s, I wonder what the engineers are thinking to produce television sets with such a poor picture.

When will LED based television have a good picture?

The answer is it would have, if the engineers were interested in good pictures instead of talking point numbers. Maybe the engineers are actually interested in good pictures but the top brass says that numbers sell!

I do understand the merits of an LED based TV. The picture can be driven brighter and some LED screens offer less dramatic reflection of light. Also, the lower power consumption is a good thing. All of this however does not mean that the picture should be, as the LED camp likes to say, using a technology they call “Blur Reduction”.

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