3D Television

The world of 3-D television is here and here to stay. I can tell you that if you asked me a year ago I would have just been changing my mind about the overall effectiveness of the picture and whether people would actually sit around the family or theater room wearing these glasses. Now wouldn’t it been nice if the manufacturers would have all built fully compatible electronic glasses? This did not happen- so you do have to have glasses either built for or by the 3D TV manufacturer. Recently I saw a LG 3 DTV monitoring a LG 3D camcorder ( I believe it was LG) and wearing cheap non- active glasses, the picture and depth of field was amazing. If you want to see the best 3D take a look at a Panasonic G series or even better V series on good video. It will surprise you.

Brand names have not changed. The good ones in order in my opinion are:
Panasonic Sony Samsung LG Sharp Toshiba Also top in reliability.
Why so many people are buying unknown names for the same price as the afore mentioned great brands?
I tell a lot of my clients to by their TV’s from Costco Excellent brand, price, and warranty. I will even meet you and pickup and deliver/ install for my customers.
But they do sell a lot of unknown brands –
Does your Surround Sound system tell you that you are receiving Dolby Digital?
Most of the new clients’ systems I see are not in the proper operating mode and are probably missing the Digital Audio connection to make them work correctly.
All these things are solved with an HDMI switching Surround Sound Receiver. There are many different cases involving non working Dolby Digital- some very easily solved.
That’s it for today…will return with more!

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