2015: The Year of the…

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just held in Las Vegas, which is held to showcase new technologies, essentially to the electronics buyers (wholesale buyers that is) and journalists who cover technology, to attempt to both sell and check buyers’ interest in showing a product or line in their store, whether it be brick and mortar or online. Here are a few of the bullet points about the industry.

4 K TV. I have written about this several times. To me, I still ask for a 1080p set which plays as good as a Panasonic plasma. Is it not interesting when the reviewers (who know a good picture when they see one) compare the newest and greatest 4k TV, they are still comparing it to a Panasonic Plasma and they always say it is better in some aspects but the Panasonic still wins in gray scale stepping and in motion with no jitter or judder or softness associated with motion blur? Can we have a 1080p set which plays near perfect?
The closest thing to that are the Sony sets.

4K software
Probably the biggest reason why you do not spend the extra money to buy a 4K TV, there is nothing, and will be nothing, to look at (with the exception of a couple Blu-Ray disks with 4K) over the next couple years. Netflix says they are going to come out with 4K downloads of their movies… This is very funny, as they currently cannot match the quality of a regular DVD playing at 480 yet they call their current system full HD or 1080p. My guess is that, just like when HD first started to broadcast and TV’s, both rear projection and tube type, were available with 1080 resolution, it took more than 10 years for HD content to be available on half of the programming. And still today a great deal of cable type programs are not in 720 or 1080 resolution.

Curved Screen
I may be proven wrong on this one but here goes. I do not believe that the buying public, who has been in search of a thin TV to hang on the wall, with good off-axis viewing, is going to buy a unit which is none of that. I do not expect to see curved screen in 2016.

Smart House
I cater to clients who are not tech entrenched, Wi-Fi savvy, app-heavy, Generation X users. This leaves me with clients who simply want to have their TV and watch it too. Simply making a smart TV work is at the limit of their interest. Remote control lighting, heating, security and a plethora of other Wi-Fi based control systems all sounds great until you find out that getting it working, and keeping it working, are two different things. And you quickly grow out of a short-term love affair with app technology.

See Generation X

Wireless Speakers
My clients’ homes are pre-wired with speakers which never make strange sounds or act up in any unwanted way, nor are they sitting on desktops or other noticeable places.

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