How many gadgets can you have? Wall warts EVERYWHERE

As I look around my house, one thing every room has is Wall Warts. That is industry slang for power transformers. You know…-the box shaped devices you plug into the wall, 120VAC outlets in your home which make all electronics run. With the exception of electronic devices which have their “power supply” built in. LCD TV’s first had there supply’s built in. Then they used external supplies, and then went back to built in, then once again to an external supply. Today’s TV’s will have both external and internal supply depending on the size and manufacturer.
You see power coming out of your wall must be “tamed” down to a level which is safe and clean. The power coming out of the wall is 120 volts AC and the power which most all electronic devices run on is DC. Converting AC to DC requires things like a regulator to trim the voltage, resistors to tune the system, capacitors to act like filters, transistors to act as either a switch or amplification. All of this and more goes on in each one of these power supply warts.
All supplies suffer from the same ongoing problem, which is primarily heat. Yes, I know that many supplies also suffer from poor or under rated build quality. The combination of being on 100% of the time and being in areas with poor ventilation leads to early death. Most TV supplies only have a very small portion of the supply turned on, such that the standby functionality works, then the major portion of the supply turns on to power up the TV.
As you look around your home be certain to remove any and all wall warts and unplug anything which has no use to your lifestyle!

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