Electronics “Rules of Thumb” Try this First. (Part 1)

Golden Rule
ALWAYS reboot your system. This means unplug Power to the entire system which includes cable box, sat receiver, AV-surround receiver, cable modem, router, Blu-Ray, DVD, ETC. Wait 10 seconds, plug it all in again and try again after giving the devices a chance to boot up. In rare cases waiting longer to resupply power (up to a hour) can help.

Broken Screen on your TV
Do not consider ordering a new replacement screen for any TV. Occasionally you can find a same model TV which is broken due to another reason ie: voltage surge. In some cases, you can combine 2 TV’s into one to make a good one. However, unless you do this yourself, the cost of labor will exceed the value of the repair/TV value.

HDMI problem with your AV receiver
Unfortunately, when an AV – surround receiver has a problem with HDMI processing or passing the signal this means the main input board is bad. You can in some cases combine 2 units together to make one working unit. Never spend more than 50% of what you could replace the unit with something new. Plus new AV receivers can have Network capabilities which make them much more fun and convenient to use.

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