Network Receivers

Be there or be square

Network receivers are surround receivers that have network capabilities. They are able to work on your Wi-Fi or internet system. These have been around for several years. The main manufacturers (Sony, Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo and Pioneer) all build units as a smart method of accessing your music more easily. “More easily” can be interpreted in a few ways. Is it easier to grab a CD out of your collection, place it in your player, turn on your receiver, press play on the player, make certain to be on the CD input, sit down, then the music plays too loud, adjust the volume, now you have 45 minutes of uninterrupted bliss of one album? Or glance at your phone or other device on your network, open Pandora, Spotify, Google music or other and select a style, type or genre, or select from previous used artists or new artists via a search, open this item press play, press share to home system the Network receiver turns on and is now playing music throughout your home¬† (if Zone 2 is active).¬† Network receivers will continue playing until told to stop. Often, I use radio stations which are created through the app. These also will play until told to stop. A good side benefit is that you often will hear new music based on your favorite artists.

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