Netflix or Amazon?

Should we use Amazon, Netflix, Hula, Apple TV or Sony, to name a few, as our streaming provider? Most services run less than $10/month and offer a good assortment of movies and TV shows. And some services like Amazon and Netflix produce their own in-house series. Netflix has had the most success with “Breaking Bad” and “House of Cards”. Apple TV does not have an Amazon App available so you cannot use Amazon on your Apple. It might be better to use a Roku as your player or a Sony Blu-ray for under $100. Today however, in-house produced series are not the exception but getting closer to being the rule. With many of the cable networks joining in with the industry leader, HBO, in producing their very own movies and or series. I am sorry but network TV, as we have come to know, has become so ‘lame’ with their continuation of “laugh tracks” and writing which cannot veer away from the topics we have come to hate, primarily sexual situations, comedy or, better said, lack of.

So what is the right answer for you? Probably start with Netflix or Amazon. If you have an Amazon account and sign up for their Prime service, you will receive free shipping on all items ordered under “Prime” and be able to watch an incredible amount of movies, series, and previous series done by HBO, Showtime, Starz, AE and the list goes on. If you have never watched HBO’s “THE WIRE” it may no be your cup of tea. Many people think it is the best TV series ever produced.

Many people are giving up their cable service (cable or satellite) and using only streaming services. I think for some this works fine and is a very cost effective way of watching TV. This along with a local antenna on your TV and you can keep up with the major networks and a myriad of other over the air free channels. The problem is if you are a fan of ESPN, CNN, FOX, AE, History, Discovery or many other “cable” only networks you will be left in the dark. Many cable users have lowered their cable service to basic or advanced basic service and deleted their movie services in favor of streaming. The problem there is with our market in Phoenix, basic includes channels 2-63 none of which are HD, which means you will watch those programs in standard definition, with bands at the top and bottom of the picture. So you go to the “advanced basic” which now includes 3 digit channels, you now are spending about $110 per month (with internet) and you could have HBO or Showtime for another $12, so what happens is you spend 90 percent of the money and miss out on the very best of what is out there.

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