Myths about Plasma TV’s

I wonder who started all of these myths about Plasma TV? You know, like the one that says they burn out fast…or the one that says you cannot take them to high elevations…or the one that says they use lots more power…or my favorite, no one buys those…
It was just released by a well know tracking company of new TV sales that Plasma sells 70% of the greater than 60 inch size and that Plasma sales are up dramatically in 2012. If it were up to me, only a small percentage of sales would go to LED based sets and it would be for static or near static displays (little to no motion).

In the 2013 9th annual shootout of flat panel TV’s they stated “Only Plasma TV’s were in the running for best picture”
Check out the score card here.

When are we just going to come out and say it in the mainstream media? Plasma TV’s are, hands down, the winners in all categories except maximum brightness.

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