Good Sound Gone Bad

It amazes me to see what is going on in the sound business…sound being played on digital devices like i-Pods and other portable devices and used as the primary source in a home music system. The sound is so bad due to the compression that music sounds like it is coming from an AM station when played through a high quality sound system. If you are going to use an i-Pod or other portable device to store your music, and if you like high quality sound, like we used to have in the days of super high quality stereo sound systems circa 1985, do yourself a favor and do not steal music from sharing websites. This is not music; it is a free copy of highly compressed sound which you can tell is from the artist… all the beauty, all the depth of sound, all the rich tones are now gone. This in my opinion is not the way to listen to music. Play the CD or the artist’s DVD as these generally have excellent sound quality. If you find yourself listening to your music wondering, “What happened to the piano…it sounds like a toy piano?”, look first at your source and see if that is not where all the beautiful sounds were lost.
In today’s world of more is better, it is not about having a couple hundred records or CD’s or DVD’s that sound great. It is about having thousands of terribly compressed versions of nearly every kind of music on your i-Pod. Sorry but not for me. I do use i-Tunes and have recorded all my CD’s into the system using its highest quality settings for recording. This makes digital music bearable; anything less is useless ear fodder. And when you ask me why the new system I just installed sounds so bad playing the i-Pod with your stolen music…well just don’t ask.

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